Pushing technology development in Europe


We work with universities, private sector, NGO┬┤s, the international research community and government institutions. We have experience and can support you in the following:

  • From laboratory to proof of concept and new markets. We can work with you and our international university network developing proof of concept of your technology;
  • Project funding. We can help you in project proposal preparation and identification of relevant funding programs. Through our network we can identify relevant partners in the project;
  • EU projects. We can participate in EU supported projects as a SME within the areas of bio-economy, Circular Economy and industry 4.0;
  • Strategic partnerships. We can use our network in Europe, emerging and developing countries to identify strategic partners to enable entry to export markets;
  • New markets. We can bring you to emerging and developing markets;
  • SME development. We can take a fresh look at your technology and market approach and adapt these in accordance to new market conditions.


We can be an active partner in your EU project



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Tel: +45 23 30 25 64