Value addition agriculture.


The potential for agricultural production in Africa is tremendous serving both local and exports markets. Local markets are often managed by middlemen thus reducing profits for primary producers, lowering quality, enhancing food losses and thus lowering the potential agricultural outputs significantly.


Industrial processing or value addition target both local markets for eggs, meat (chicken, cattle, fish), flour and animal feed, but sectors like juice production, processed products like mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. have a large potential due to heavy taxation of imports. The main constraints of approaching local markets are sufficient agricultural produce and stable market access.


Approaching export markets requires economy of scale in exporting. Major exports produce are the following: coffee, cacao, vanilla and fish. There is a large export potential in tropical fruits (dried, concentrate or juice), dairy products, processed meat (chicken, cattle, fish) and animal feed. The main constraints are access to sufficient agricultural produce, product quality (e.g. holding standards for aflatoxins), and access to stable markets.


A provision for value addition is access to sufficient agricultural produce, which needs to be organised through a more effective agricultural production. Agricultural production can be organised through e.g. the following:

  • Land development projects;
  • Outgrower systems;
  • Farmers organisations.


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