Africa missed the beat of Industrialization and infrastructure and logistics calls for low cost and scalable technologies.


Market based private sector development is a key factor in green growth, and access to new technology requires knowledge transfer on technology and local market knowledge.

  • Assessment of Green growth framework conditions for development of green businesses (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legislative (PESTEL);
  • Value chain approach. Value addition of agricultural products applying low cost and scalable technology should be seen as a phased approach to reach economy of scales. Value added products requires production in scale, processing, storage, transport, distribution and market access to local and export markets;
  • Innovative partnerships. Combining new products in new markets often call for new business models and innovative partnerships and business models;
  • From laboratory to proof of concept and new markets. Industrial research institutes in many African countries can help providing establishment of demonstration facilities given proof of concept and legacy of new technologies and pave the way for new approaches to markets;
  • Pilot projects. Matching of new technology innovations can meet new market approaches in a confined pilot projects enhancing learning and market access;
  • Impact Investments. Preparing for impact investments targeting an economic, environmental and social sustainable business attracts both private and public investors;
  • Establishing new businesses in Africa must rely on previous experience and mistakes by preferably others.


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