Green Innovation factory is a European initiative, that support the development, establishment and operation of green businesses with an environmental, social and economic sustainable profile and that mitigate climate change caused by human activities.


We will take our off-set in 3 main technology drivers and target emerging and developing markets with new business models applying our push and pull concept. We will match and adapt new technology and make them low cost, scalable and adaptable to production conditions, local infrastructure and logistics. We focus on the following 3 drivers as our framework for pushing technology development in Europe:

  • Bio-economy – green and blue ocean
  • Circular Economy
  • Industry 4.0


We develop feasible business models matching local conditions as culture, traditions and consumers economic ability, when entering a new business in emerging and developing economies. Many emerging economies are less regulated than EU and with less developed infrastructure and logistic provides a playground for new business opportunities. Africa missed the bet of industrialization and thus represents new market opportunities (market pull). as well as a testing ground for new market approaches which will support an Industrialization of Africa.


“The biggest innovations in the world happen, when you cross diffrent sectors or disparate science fields with new market challenges leading to new business models.


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7 Rue Crevaux, 75116 Paris

Tel: +45 23 30 25 64